By: Aftabudin Nassir

In life, we make sacrifices, either directly or indirectly, to achieve the things we desire. This often makes our lives comfortable as we enjoy all the pleasures of living. Having achieved all or some of the goals in life, do we feel it as a blessing from Allah? Or was it for our own efforts? Only the very conscious Muslims will know that all things are possible with the help of Allah and will want to make financial sacrifices so as to achieve His blessings.

Why Financial Sacrifices?

It is agreed that those who cannot do so can certainly provide labor of whatever skill they possess. However, we cannot escape the fact that money is needed to accomplish many things. How do we build mosques, prayer centers, libraries, print books, etc.? We must also know that all religious bodies of all faiths have to be funded financially to promote their beliefs.

As Muslims, we must be reminded of what Allah SWT says in Holy Quran Chapter 47, Surah Muhammad (SAW), verses 37 to 39:

The life of this world is but a sport and a past time, and if you believe and are righteous, He will give you your rewards and will not ask for your wealth. If he were to ask for your wealth and press you, you would be niggardly, and he would bring to light your malice.

Behold, you are those who are called upon to spend in the way of Allah, but of you, there are some who are niggardly only against their own soul. And Allah is self-sufficient, and it is you who are needy. And if you turn your backs, he will bring in other people in your place, and then they will not be like you.

We must ponder these verses and try to understand that for our spiritual success, we must make financial sacrifices to earn the blessing from Allah for the benefit of the life hereafter.

Again, we are given the glad tidings from Allah SWT, as the Holy Qur’an (2:262 mentions, ‘The similitude of those who spend their wealth for the cause of Allah is like the similitude of a grain of corn that grows seven ears, in each ear a hundred grains. And Allah multiplies it further for whomsoever He pleases; and Allah is Bountiful, All-Knowing.’.

The believers have always been encouraged by the Prophet and his successors to make financial contributions for the purpose of spreading the message of God. During Khilafat-e-Rashida (the Rightly Guided Khilafat), monetary donations were followed, in which Muslims contributed so as to seek the blessing and favor of Allah the Almighty; one such blessed scheme is Tehrik-e-Jadid.

In Jama’at-e-Ahmadiyya, Tehrik-e-Jadid was initiated in 1934 by Hazrat Musleh Maud (may Allah be pleased with him) with the main objective of spreading the message of Islam worldwide.

Since its formation and existence, this blessed scheme has allowed for over nine (9) thousand mosques to have been built in two hundred and twenty countries around the globe. Additionally, the Holy Quran has been translated into over seventy-seven (77) languages. These efforts are made so as to spread the message of Islam to all groups of people.

Islamic teachings state that deeds like constructing mosques and digging wells are considered to confer benefits to a person even after their demise. However, as not everyone has the means to carry out these acts, it is far simpler to make contributions collectively.

So as we have learned from the Holy Quran, the teachings of the Holy Prophet and his Successors, and the Promised Messiah and his successors, financial sacrifices are very important in Islam. It is a door to open to attain blessings and the favor of Allah, and I encourage all to do so.

All praise is for Allah, Lord of all the worlds.

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