Presentation of literature to Turkeyen Campus Library

March 6, 2017, our missionaries accompanied by Waqfe Nau Lajna Imaillah members, who are students of the University of Guyana, visited the Turkeyen Campus to present various literatures of the Jama’at to the campus library.

Books presented to the Turkeyen Campus library

Mrs. Gwyneth George, the librarian of the University of Guyana library, warmly welcomed our delegation.


The following books were presented for students and staff, alike:

  • A translation of the Holy Qur’an
  • Review of Religions Journal
  • Life of Muhammad (Peace and blessings of God be upon him)
  • Justice, Kindness and Kinship – The Three Creative Principles
  • Islam’s Response to Contemporary Issues
  • Gardens of the Righteous

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